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Worried about whether your business will succeed?

90% of businesses don't make it

Discover how to overcome the Catch-22s of growing your business and be part of the 10% that succeed

The Heart of Business Success - How to overcome the Catch-22s of growing your business - by Robert Copping

"....no nonsense advice makes this a compulsory read for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and successful business people at all stages of their careers." Vijay Patel: multimillionaire and one-time Ernst & Young 'Entrepreneur of the year'.

"Adopting this 'balanced' approach has the potential to quite literally transform your business life." Stuart McGreevy: multimillionaire and previous London Stock Exchange nominated 'Entrepreneur of the Year'.

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Vijay Patel, quoted in the Sunday Times Rich List at £500 million and one-time Ernst & Young 'Entrepreneur of the Year' says:
'Entrepreneurs spend inordinate amounts of time thinking and worrying about their business. Time spent reading this book will be priceless and a must!'

The book has 3 parts:

  • Part 1: The Catch-22s of growing your business - This part explains why so few businesses succeed.

  • Part 2: Overcoming the Catch-22s. This part explains the Heart of Business Success and how you can use it to overcome the Catch-22s and make sure you succeed when the majority fail

  • Part 3: Planning for Success. This part shows how you can use the 'Heart' model to generate a business plan structure to help you succeed and has proven successful in attracting external finance. This part also discusses low-cost marketing options as well as advice on pitching to an investor.
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The Foreword

Here's the foreword written by Vijay Patel, who runs Waymade Healthcare, the £450m valued company he founded. 

"When I was 22 I had a shiny new degree in pharmacy, a burning ambition to start and build my own business and a need to borrow £6,000 to get me started!  A succession of bank manages listened sympathetically to my enthusiastic plans, but the response was always the same: “No track record – No loan”. But without the loan how could I get a track record? A classic Catch-22 position and the basis for Robert Copping’s engaging new book."

Like many entrepreneurs I have never been a great enthusiast of academic theories, and Robert does not beat the reader down with a succession of business models, but gives solid practical advice based on real life examples.  In reading this engaging volume I was reminded over and over again of the number of obstacles which have presented themselves to me in my career.

Over the last 35 years I have built several businesses, successfully and not so successfully, and if I had read a book like “The Heart of Business Success” I am confident that the outcome of my less successful ventures would have been different.  The thought processes and steps which a business person has to take for a successful outcome are clearly detailed in this compelling and easy to read book.

No business is an island and Robert carefully maps out the many stakeholders that need careful and appropriate handling if they are not to inhibit the establishment and growth of a new business.

Each aspect of the business cycle is covered, from planning and entry through to growth and ultimately exit.

Successful entrepreneurial companies are the lifeblood of the world economy and Robert Copping’s no nonsense advice makes this a compulsory read for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and successful business people at all stages of their careers.'

Vijay Patel

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And here's a review by Etienne Baird, who runs the Chiswick Woodworking company, currently with a turnover of £1m, but with ambitions to grow:

'I just read your book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now that may just be the sign of my age, but I believe it is because it was not only very helpful and instructive on the path I am embarking on, but it was easy to read and a must for every entrepreneur starting a business or wanting to grow their current business.

If only I’d had this knowledge when I was setting up other companies and investing in friends’ businesses, I would have saved myself from many financial losses. I now have a better understanding of how to grow my business and with this knowledge, I’m more confident in my preparation to pitch to potential investors. I have started businesses in the past without a business plan and only one of those was successful due to a bit of luck and entering an expanding market at the right time. I have learned from this and the last 2 successful ventures were started with a business plan and an aim. I have been lacking some vital information on how to grow a business successfully and I now feel equipped with the knowledge.'

About the author

After graduating in Physics, Robert began his career with British Aerospace as a Technical Engineer and progressed to the project management of multinational defence contracts.
In 1990, Robert became Commercial Manager of a subsidiary of the Rank Organisation and when the company was bought by Schroeder Venture Capitalists in 1996 he became Global Projects Director.
In 1999, Robert established Paradigm Management Consultants and clients included the Ministry of Defence, although it mainly helped SMEs to grow.
Robert launched Sightpath Limited in 2006, which uses its unique software system to deliver a highly effective Business Development Service. He and his Business Catalysts have now modelled many different businesses to create Business Development Plans, which have successfully helped clients to obtain finance or simply to grow with reduced risk. Sightpath plans have been used to successfully obtain loans backed by the Government’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme.
Robert has now encapsulated much of what has been learned in an acclaimed book: ‘The Heart of Business Success – How to Overcome the Catch-22s of Growing Your Business’ and is regularly invited to speak to business groups on the subject.

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